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Reasons why you should learn to play drums

Who doesn't want to play an instrument? Well most of you sure do, and some may already do that. But what is the instrument that will give you the biggest joy by playing it and be the most interesting to you? Hmm, the answer to that question I may not know, because it is up to you. Some people love the sound of piano, other love violins or guitars, but I love drums. And here I will tell you why I do so and how you can get to know if you are actually a drummer.

I always enjoyed a good beat in music and the rush it can give you, but I did not know that it were drums that made that possible until I was a little older. As soon as I realized that, I wanted to have drums and learn how to play them. Playing drums will not give you a huge range of possibilities as the piano can give you, but it will certainly be much more interesting and easy to learn.

After a few years I realized I was getting better and I wanted to buy real drums with all that interesting parts and be able to make sick beats. Soon my dream came true and since then, I can't get the drumsticks out of my hands. My neighbors didn't like it that much, but soon they also started to enjoy the music and some of them even asked me where they can learn to play them.

In Chicago there are many places to do that, since we love drums and music here, but one of the best ones is the Chicago School of Music. You don't have to sign up for all classes and you can even get private drum lessons also. It is a great way for you and your child to learn rhythm and maybe start a real music career, who knows?

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