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Greatest drummers of all time

Want to know who hit the drums the hardest? Well here is the list of a few drum - masterminds. They contributed quite a lot to music, especially rock, and played drums like no one else. If you play drums, make sure to do some research on them, maybe you will realize how they became who they were, and become one of the greatest drummers of all time. John Bonham is on the very top of our list. He changed rock drumming forever while being a part of the biggest rock band of all times - Led Zeppelin. One of his best plays are the incredible bass - drums hiccups he did in Good Times Bad Times, if you listen to it now, it will still make your jaw drop. He was really one of the best there will ever be. Many tried for years to follow his steps and recreate some of his best performances but each one of them failed. Who else can't get the drumstick out of his hands?

Keith Moon is also one of the best drum players of all times. He always refused to play drums solo, but he somehow made it possible for us to hear his drums as a leading instrument. Fun fact: Moon is the inspiration for Animal, the Muppets character.

With his Gream bandmates, Ginger Baker made something no one else did before in the music industry. Gifted with an immense talent he combined jazz with a powerful polyrhythmic style. As a part of one of the first trios, and for sure the best ones, he introduced extended solos as something special and from there on - crucial.

One of those drummers who started out small by playing on cushions and pots and pans is Dan Laudo. He learned the power of rhythm very early and continued playing with some of the biggest rock names in the world. He formed a band with Trent Reznor, the future Nine Inch Nails mastermind and Ron Marks, his lifelong friend and Celtic Frost guitarist. He has the right to be on this list, because he started out small and built everything out of nothing.

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