Drummer Dan Laudo

I've added some BIG ON MARS demo clips to the audio section. These are early mixes with no vocals (yet!) Turn it up and enjoy. I'm playing all the instruments on these tracks (for better or worse) I've also added a live clip of "Snap Your Fingers" from PRONG "The Vault" in the audio section under 100% LIVE. Have yourself a blacktooth and rip it up!

PRONG are playing a benefit show at the Hard Rock Cafe at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on Thursday Jan. 20th. Tommy Victor and I have also been working on 10 new songs. We hope to get into the recording studio soon and lay them down.

This is a sad, sad day for me and everyone who knew and loved Dimebag Darrell. This guy was not only a guitar legend, he was a great person. My thoughts are with Vinnie and the rest of the Abbott family. PRONG played the annual Stevo Bruno Halloween party on Saturday 10/30 at Klown Records in Santa Monica. There were many celebrites in attendance and big fun was had by all

Subsonic Video Shoot - Got back from Chicago a few days ago. I had an incredible time shooting the video for Subsonic's single "Dream American" from thier album "No Such Soul". The CD comes out Nov. 2 (election day) Our host for the event was the one and only Alex Zander of MK magazine. Paul Baio was the director. Dietrich Thrall of Marazene played bass. Everything went very smoothly and we wrapped it up in no time at all. We did an interview on WCRX radio Chicago after the shoot. Ron discussed the world of Subsonic. Off to Kelsey's bar afterward to watch the Red Sox - Yankees 14 inning playoff game. My kind of town - Chicago. A music video will be shot next month in Chicago for the lead single, "Dream American". PRONG drummer Dan Laudo will make an appearance behind the drum kit for the video. Ron and Dan played with Trent Reznor many years ago in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Holy Sh*t!!! PRONG kicked Almighty God Ass last night at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood..... It was my first time seeing the band, having been a fan since the CLEANSING album, and I was not disappointed. I can't imagine any earlier incarnation of the band being better than what I witnessed last night. From the moment they stepped onstage they hammered it down with an unrelenting fury and intensity that was scary. And talk about tight....I left totally high, feeling I'd witnessed something magical. 'Test', 'Snap', 'Whose Fist', and 'Close the Door' were everything that they are on the original recordings and much more. The new material smokes too, proving Prong can still squirt fresh blood. Tommy was all smiles, clearly high on the vibe of the crowd who were really into it. Can't wait for the next L.A. gig.... thanks for such a killer experience. I know ...IT WAS ONLY A TEST!

PRONG have released the video "All Knowing Force" from their latest album Scorpio Rising on Locomotive Music. The video combines live footage shot in Binghamton, NY by UMTV productions and studio footage co-directed by Dan Laudo. The clip will be airing in television markets across the country and on MTV 2's Headbangers Ball. The Sonic Divide show in Pasadena was a ton of fun. They will be releasing a CD later this year and playing more shows. Thanks to Steve at McMurphys' and Eric Sardinas for a great night.

Listen to the drums beating in Chicago

Chicago, the third largest city in the United States and the first one when it comes to many things, like music, technology, telecommunication, friendly people and good food, yes they have really good food. This city on the north is the centre for many things in the US, but the most interesting one for us is music, especially drums.

For music lovers, drums may be just one way to spice up the sound and add some rhythm to it. But drums can be so much more, just if you take a closer look, or listen better to the music. You will realize it won't be not as near as good as it is, without the drums. It would be like a poem without words or like a summer day without sunshine.

If you visit Chicago, there is a huge chance you will see snow, but also a much bigger chance that you will hear good music and eat delicious food. In order to do so you have to know where to go and what to do. Here is a short list of places in Chicago where you can go with a Chicago escort from http://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-chicago-il-71/ and enjoy everything about drums, music and have a great time.

The beat is everything

In the 1033 North Villa Avenue in Villa Park, Chicago, you can get one of the best drum experiences there is in the whole world. That place is where the Chicago Drum Show takes place. You will not only be able to get to hear great music, and listen to some sick drum beats, but also to see a huge exhibition of drums, guitars and even be able to buy some of them and sell or trade the ones you have. The Chicago Drum Show is one of the biggest gatherings of drum lovers from all around the United States and even from all around the world. Be sure to check it out and see what they have to offer.

Breathe is a Slackline and Discovery Festival, where it is all about music, drums, art and great experiences. It is a festival about life and everything what is good about it, so in case you are new in the world of drums, this will be a good start and opportunity to find out more about them. You will get to know people who love drums and music but also other things that may already be important to you. Just go and breathe in the good atmosphere.

Altered Stage in Chicago will give you the best drum lessons you can get. They have some expert teachers and a great way to show you how to enjoy drums and play them. Feel free to contact them through their website and see what they can do for you.

But if you don't want to get that much involved and want to just listen to some good drum music and enjoy great atmosphere, then there we have one place for you. The drumBAR is the right place to get all of that and even more. It is a rooftop pub where you can eat, drink, listen to great music and have wonderful time with your friends, or even alone - the bartenders are really friendly and will want to talk with you for sure. You have to go there in order to feel the right atmosphere Chicago can give you.

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